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Neptune and Donald Trump in 2022Neptune Symbol

I did a forecast for 2022 for a local group recently. In that presentation I was careful not to show favoritism to either side of the political divide. This wasn’t easy, given the way in which virtually everything in this country has been given a political slant. Among other things, I had to avoid mentioning the name of former President Donald Trump.

Just the fact that I’m calling him “former” President is in itself a political statement. Donald Trump as spent the entire year of 2021 calling the 2020 election rigged and unfair and claiming that he was actual the winner. To my knowledge, no defeated candidate of the presidency has ever done this, and several had considerably more grounds for complaint than Donald Trump. However, that hasn’t stopped his legion of supporters from echoing his claim.

These claims and the way so many people have accepted them has a lot to do with the opposition of transiting Neptune to natal Neptune in the horoscope of the United States. This aspect dominated the affairs of this country during 2021, spreading confusion and misinformation and making it difficult for Americans to agree on anything.

Following the Moon Jan. 17, 2022

In my analysis of the New Moon chart of Jan. 2 (click here to see the article and the chart) I had predicted that the national conversation might change from COVID to politics. President Biden made an attempt at this by trying to light a fire under the push for a voting rights bill, but the drumbeat of the Omicron variant eventually drowned him out.

I see the burst of energy from the President as a manifestation of Jupiter in the Tenth House of that chart. This brought heightened attention to our leadership. But we also have Saturn in the Tenth House in that chart which spelled trouble for the administration. During this past lunation period Biden’s vaccination mandate was dealt a major blow by the Supreme Court.

We could also see evidence of this combination in Biden’s promise to send COVID tests to all of our citizen. He made that promise early in the lunation period. Then we found out that the system for performing that astounding feat was still in the works and it would be several weeks before the process could even start. What Jupiter promises and Saturn takes away.

When Capricorns FightCapricornSymbol

It’s getting ugly up there in Washington where Senators are holding hearings on the COVID-19 epidemic. We’ve got two Capricorns, Senator Rand Paul (born Jan. 7) and Dr. Anthony Fauci (born Dec. 24) fighting it out. Capricorns usually keep their anger under strict control, but when they decide to let go, you'd just better watch out.

Paul is also a doctor, an ophthalmologist to be exact, and he seems to believe that his medical training gives him special insight to the issues surrounding the pandemic. However, Paul is a libertarian in terms of his politics, and he believes that efforts to control the spread of the disease have to be left up to individual citizens. The involvement of big government is not necessary.

Dr. Fauci, as head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases and as a trained immunologist, believes that controlling the pandemic requires a coordinated effort involving all citizens under to direction of informed scientists. That is the is political basis for the animosity between these two men. However, I though it might be fun to look at the astrological basis. (Click here to see a double chart with Rand Paul’s in the middle and Anthony Fauci on the outside.)

Looking Back at the Attack on the Capitol

With the anniversary of the attack on the Capitol Building nearing, I thought it might be useful to look back at the astrology of that day and see what we can learn. I don’t know of any astrologer who actually predicted this event and I think it’s important to look back and see what we (and particularly I) missed.

The Jan. 6 attack occurred toward the end of a lunation cycle that began with the Full Moon and Dec. 29. 2020. In my assessment of that Full Moon (click on Dec. 29 to see the article) I was focused on the placement of Neptune in the Descendant and its square to Venus on the IC. I thought this described a period of deception and confusion. However, I didn’t see this configuration as a threat to the democratic process.

The one thing that alarmed me about this Full Moon chart was the square between Mars and Pluto. This is definitely an aspect that describes violence but in my discussion of the chart I focused more on the “lone-gunman” type of violence. I didn’t make the connection between Neptunian confusion and mass psychosis, so I failed to see how the anger and belligerence of Mars square Pluto could manifest as a wild-eyed mob charging the U.S. Capitol.