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Following the Moon: July 5, 2020

I have to admit that I got a little carried away in my analysis of the New Moon chart for June 21. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I put too much weight on the square by Mars to the Sun and Moon and the potential toward violence. It turns out that the sextiles from Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto restricted the violent inclinations of Mars and , even though the Black Live Matter protests have continued, they have been mostly peaceful.

The aspect that really defined this chart was the quincunx between Saturn in the Tenth House of leadership and the Sun and Moon. This described the giant disconnect between what our President has been saying about the spread of COVID 19 in this country and what is actually happening. Quincunx aspects tend to bring us “head-scratcher” situations, and this is  one for the history books.

Another thing about the New Moon chart that came through was the strong placement of Uranus. Uranus shakes things up and things have really been shaking in the Trump reelection campaign during the past two weeks. We had the release of Bolton’s book, ill-advised rallies that flopped and got people sick, intelligence briefings ignored and sinking poll numbers. The “something big” that I hinted at in that analysis could be the beginning of the end of this administration.

Travel BuddiesTravel Image

I came across this article on the Lonely Planet website. It describes the best traveling companions for each sign of the zodiac. I thought if was cute, even though it was also a painful reminder that, due the COVID-19, our ability to travel has been sharply curtailed. For most of us, our favorite travel companion, at least for the near future, is likely to be our imagination.

Still, the article got me thinking. If these are the best travel companions, which signs would be worst? It turns out that, if you think about it, every sign has the potential to make you wish you’d stayed a home.

Aries – Aries likes drive-by vacations. You go. You see. You go on to the next thing. Lingering is not allowed, and don’t even think about waiting in a long line. Also, don’t think about having a plan. Plans are for wimps. Aries travelers just go.

Mark Zuckerberg Leans to the Right

During the months before the COVID 19 pandemic swept aside such petty concerns, there were some buzz in the press about a rightward turn in the management of Facebook. Its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, was holding dinner meeting with conservative pundits and online personalities and refusing to join Twitter in attaching fact-check alerts to some of President Trump’s more outlandish statements.

I have no knowledge of the inner workings of the management at Facebook, but I do have a partial horoscope (without a time of birth) for Mark Zuckerberg. (Click on Zuckerberg to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) What that chart tells me is that, regardless of how he votes come election time, conservatism is pretty much built into Zuckerberg’s personality.

The Neptune ExperimentNeptune Symbol

I’ve been conducting an astrological experiment. Right now Neptune is within a degree of a square aspect to Donald Trump’s Moon. However, Neptune will not “complete” this aspect. Neptune turned retrograde today at 20Pisces58, 14 minutes of the arc short of making the aspect exact. I wondered how effective this “almost” aspect might be. The past couple of weeks have given me a pretty clear answer.

This Neptune aspect has been within a degree since the beginning of May and I’ve seen what looks like evidence of this aspect’s influence in some of the President’s tweets and his denial of the COVID 19 pandemic, even as the number of infections and death continues to rise. But, this sort of behavior is nothing new for President Trump, so I couldn’t be sure.

Then came Donald Trump’s famous ramp walk at West Point on Saturday, June 13. The President slow, haunting descent down that ramp after speaking to the cadets drew a lot of attention and a lot of giggles. It certainly looked like a Neptune moment. However, Mars was conjunct transiting Neptune on that day and square Trump’s natal Moon, so I couldn’t exclude the possibility that it was Mars that was making the President look so decrepit.