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The Debates (Round Two)BidenTrumpImage

The second Presidential debate is set for Thursday. There is still some doubt about whether or not it will actually happen. Joe Biden has said that he will not appear on stage with President Trump unless Trump has tested negative for the COVID virus that day and Trump has repeatedly danced around the issue of when and if he has had recent tests.

If the debate does occur, it will happen during a retrograde Mercury, which could mean that it will be marred by technical problems. I’ve always viewed Mercury retrograde like a weather forecast for rain. You do what you need to do, just make sure you have an umbrella handy. Given the importance of this event, I’m sure the people sponsoring the debate will have several umbrellas at the ready, so I not overly concerned about retrograde Mercury messing things up.

What is more worrisome to me is the fact that transiting Mars is still fairly close to a square to Jupiter. It is also semi-sextile Neptune. This is one of those “anything can happen” aspects. When you put this together with the Moon, which will be aligned with Pluto as the debate begins, the possibility of a last minute glitch grows. We could see Biden pull out because Trump refuses to take a COVID test or Trump pull out because they are muting his microphone when Biden is talking.

Following the Moon: Oct. 16, 2020

The Full Moon chart for Oct. 1 was dominated by Venus on the Descendant. (Click on Full Moon to see that article and chart.) As I had hoped, this dampened some of the violent indicators in that chart. Though we still had incidents of violence involving protests in various cities, coverage of those events was swept off the front page by President Trump’s illness and Amy Barrett’s Senate confirmation hearing.

I had predicted that the economy would dominate the news during the last lunation period. That turned out to be wrong. Instead, it was our (mostly) losing battle with the COVID-19 virus. Venus did give us some good news. President Trump recovered from his COVID infection. Of course, he has used his quick recovery to continue to downplay the impact of the pandemic, but that has more to do with Trump’s horoscope than the Full Moon chart.

Overall, despite several signs of trouble in the Oct. 1 chart, it has been a rather boring two weeks. Democrats are offering weak resistance to Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Biden is still leading in the polls and Trump seems content to preach to his base. The COVID relief bill was off and then on. A presidential debate was on and then off.

Danger Zone Update (Continued)MarsSymbol

Back in September I noted that both Joe Biden and President Trump were entering a “danger zone” with regard to the transits to their natal horoscope. Transiting Mars, which is moving retrograde in Aries, was at that time joining Saturn in making hard, stress-producing aspects to planets in their charts. I expected these aspects to cause trouble for both candidates, but particularly for Trump. (Click on Joe Biden to see his chart and on Donald Trump to see his.)

So far, Biden has survived these transits with seemingly little trouble. He remains ahead in the polls and he hasn’t been guilty of any of the major gaffs. Part of this is because, in his chart, Saturn and Mars are aspecting his natal Jupiter which, overall, is better placed than the planets being aspected in Trump’s chart. Also, President Trump’s problem have so dominated the news that any problems Biden is having go unnoticed.

Danger Zone Update

A couple of weeks ago I pointed out that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden were entering a dangerous period with regard to the transits to their natal horoscopes. I said that the square of transiting Mars to transiting Saturn was going to was going to be particularly troublesome these two candidates. (Click on Danger Zone to see the article.) It looks like, at least as far as Donald Trump is concerned, I was right.

I had expected the peak of this dangerous period to be around the 22nd and 23rd of September, when Mercury transited opposite transiting Mars and square transiting Saturn. When those days passed without incident, I was relieved. Donald Trump’s hyper-aggressive performance during the presidential debate on Sept. 29 certainly showed the influence of transiting Mars in his horoscope, but that wasn’t surprising. And then, just a few hours after the Full Moon on Oct. 1, it was announced that the President tested positive for Covid 19.