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johnnydeppA Saturn—Uranus Showdown

                                                   Starring Johnny Depp

In my last article I wrote about the demise of the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. But this marital disaster was preceded by another famous split: the breakup of Johnny Depp and his long time companion, Vanessa Paradis. In Cruise’s horoscope (charted for noon) I focused on the role that Jupiter and Neptune played in his divorce. With Depp, the culprits seem to be Saturn and Uranus.

Depp has Mars in Virgo with Venus in Taurus. (Click here to see Depp's chart.)  In our Mars/Venus Playbook we call this combination The Basically Beautiful Lover. It provides for an earthy, fulsome erotic nature. It is a very sexy combination but also a practical one. Physical pleasure is paramount but lust is always tempered by a realistic concern for what it may cost, both materially and emotionally.

A Grand Trine

                  Starring Tom Cruisecruiseimage

The recent split between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and the issues it raises with regard to Cruise’s allegiance to Scientology gives us an opportunity to talk about Jupiter and Neptune. Even though we do not have a birth time for Tom Cruise, it is certain that his horoscope contains a Grand Trine featuring those two planets and his Sun in Cancer. (Click here to see a horoscope for Tom Cruise charted for noon.)

A Grand Trine is a connection between three planets, each being about 120 degrees away from the other two. When diagramed on the horoscope wheel it looks like an equilateral triangle drawn inside the circle. The Grand Trine is typically considered a very positive aspect, although I’ve also seen it described as a “closed circuit.” In other words, the person with the Grand Trine feels so confident and experiences such good luck that he or she doesn't need the approval of other people.

GoodGollyAstrology: Year 2

I have more than one reason to celebrate tomorrow. On July 4th of last year we launched GoodGollyAstrology, so it is a kind of birthday for the website. It’s been a great year and we’re very pleased with the response our Cancer brain birthdaycakechild has garnered. We have plans to make next year even bigger and better.

In the meantime, I’d like to remind our readers that over a hundred articles have appeared on our front page. Our goal at GoodGollyAstrology has always been to both entertain and educate so, while we have articles about astrological terms and methods, we also have many about celebrities: everyone from Lady Gaga to Tiger Woods to Sarah Ferguson to Mitt Romney. You can use the “search” bar at the top of the page to see what we might have written about your favorite.

Also, don’t forget about our Mars and Venus profiles. You can see what your own Mars/Venus combination says about your sex life or you can use our “Who’s Who” index to check out the Mars/Venus profile of hundreds of celebrities.

Of course, we also have more serious articles about astrology in our “Learn More about Astrology” section. Here you can read longer articles, many of which were previously published in major astrology magazines.

We happen to think that we have the most entertaining, most varied and best written astrology site on the web and our aim is to only make it more so. So keep coming back to GoodGollyAstrology and watch us grow!

kanyekimimageKim Kardashian and Kanye West

Like a lot of people, I was dubious when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian began their much publicized relationship. Given the history of these two people, it seemed likely that the whole affair was just another publicity stunt.  However, I may have been wrong. Time has passed and Kardashian and West are still a couple. So, I’ve decided to do a Mars/Venus Compatibility Analysis on these two. Keep in mind that this profile considers only the combination of their Mars and Venus signs and is based on a partial horoscope charted for noon on their birth date. Still, I think it is quite interesting. (Two see West's and Kardashian's charts done for noon, click here.)

Kanye West-- born June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, GA.  Mars in Taurus with Venus in Taurus.
The Complete Sensualist

Kim Kardashian-- born Oct 21, 1980, Los Angeles, CA, Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Virgo
The Lascivious Love Child


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