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Charlie Sheen Revisitedcharlie sheen

A while back I wrote an article (Progressing Charlie Sheen) in which I examined the horoscope of Charlie Sheen. I focused on some rather difficult secondary progressions that coincided with his termination from Three and a Half Men and the bizarre behavior that followed. These progressed aspects will continue to dominate his horoscope for the next several years. (Click here to see a Sheen's natal chart with his secondary progressions in the outer circle.)

Now Sheen is back in the public eye as he gets set to start a new sit com. This seems like a positive time for Sheen and it should be. Transiting Jupiter (Jupiter in the sky right now) is crossing his Ascendant. This is a joyful connection that provides for extraordinary self-confidence and public acceptance. However, it is not a long lasting aspect. By the time Sheen’s new show airs, Jupiter will have moved away from his Ascendant.

Hard Times for Lady Gagagagaimage

This is a rough period for people with the stuff in the early degrees of Aries.  Uranus will be moving through these degrees for the next couple of years bringing abrupt and revolutionary changes to the lives of these folks while Pluto will be squaring the same degrees from its place in Capricorn, providing plenty of drama and heavy, transformative calamities.

One celebrity who is in for a strong dose of Uranus and Pluto is Lady Gaga. Uranus is moving across her Sun and her Venus and will continue to do so for the rest of this year. Pluto will be square her Sun and Venus, off and on, through early 2013.

Saturn Pays a Call on Courtney Loveloveimage

Despite the fact that she has both the Sun and the Moon in Cancer, Courtney Love’s private life has never been particularly private. From the tragic death of her husband, Kurt Cobain, to her well-documented drug addition and, more recently, her estrangement from her daughter and twitter rants, Love has become a fixture of celebrity gossip. And that is not likely to change considering what is going on in her horoscope right now.

Love is in the midst of an important Saturn transit. Saturn is currently moving back and forth across her Ascendant. The last contact will be in September of this year. When Saturn conjuncts the natal Ascendant it is time in our lives when we must figure out who we really are, a time when we must come to gribs, for better or worse,with  how we are perceived by the world.

Uranus Square Pluto: The Bright Side

We astrologers sometimes get so caught up in the potential problems posed by big aspects like the Uranus to Pluto square that going to be dominating the sky for the next three years that we fail to mention possible benefits. After all, change is not always a bad thing, even though it may be jolting and extremely discomforting to many.

The kind of changes we are likely to see with Uranus square Pluto will naturally be fraught with conflict. For example, recent technological developments have made the process called “fracking” feasible. This process could result in a bonanza of natural gas that would help alleviate the energy crisis around the world. However, “fracking” poses environmental risks that have many people alarmed.


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