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A Tough Slog for President Obama176px-official portrait of barack obama

As I have pointed out in previous articles, Barack Obama is the midst of a series of square aspects from transiting Saturn to his natal Saturn. This aspect is part of the cycle of Saturn and represents a period during which the President’s character and abilities will meet stiff challenges.(To see a chart with Barack Obama's natal chart in the center, his secondary progressions and his transits, click here.)

Along with this difficult aspect, Obama also is going through a prolonged square from his secondary progressed Mars to his natal Saturn. This is an aspect of frustration, conflict and a general narrowing of options. It can also indicate ill health, physical incapacity and personal attacks. Obviously this is not an easy time for Mr. Obama.

Neptune and the Sex Symbols

Part Three: Marilyn Monroe (Moon oppose Neptune)

No one epitomizes the relationship between Neptune and popular culture more than Marilyn Monroe.  While Clara Bow and Jean Harlow were certainly the dominant pop culture icons of their day, the allure of Marilyn Monroe has endured. It’s been nearly 60 years since her death and movies and books about her are still regularly appearing.  Each generation seems to find a new reason to be fascinated by Marilyn Monroe. (Click here to see the horoscope of Marilyn Monroe.)

As we saw in Harlow’s chart, the Moon and Neptune are involved in a T-square in the horoscope of Marilyn Monroe. Here the third planet in the T-square is Saturn. While the Neptunian allure of Harlow came with an aggressive Martian edge, Saturn added a note of sadness to Monroe’s. The audiences that were drawn by her glamour were also compelled by an urge to help and protect her.

Neptune and the Sex Symbolsharlowimage

Part Two: Jean Harlow (Moon Square Neptune)

Jean Harlow was Hollywood’s first blond bombshell. Driven by her ambitious mother (the avatar of all overbearing stage moms) Harlow worked her way up from an extra to a major star by sleeping with the right people and flaunting her gorgeous body. But what really established Harlow as a pop culture icon was the way in which she projected the power of feminine sexuality onto the screen. Men loved her but it was the women who wanted to like her that made up the bulk of her fan base. (Click here to see Jean Harlow's horoscope.)

In Jean Harlow’s horoscope the Moon is in Aries where it forms a T-square with Neptune and Mars. Mars adds an edge to Neptune’s glamorous appeal. Here Neptune expresses itself aggressively. The joint afflictions to the Moon by Mars and Neptune also describe Harlow’s complex and often adversarial her mother (symbolize by the Moon.)    

Neptune and the Sex Symbols

In previous articles I’ve discussed the relationship between Neptune and popular culture. Frequently women who become pop culture icons have strong aspects between the Moon or Venus and Neptune in their horoscopes. In my next three articles I will describe the how Neptune influenced the careers of three notable women from three different eras of motion pictures: Clara Bow, Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe.

Part One: Clara Bow (Moon conjunct Neptune)

Long before movies learned how to talk, Clara Bow was known as the “it” girl; “it” being sex. She was one of Hollywood’s earliest sex symbols and, in many ways, her private life kept pace with her naughty movie persona. For a while the public loved her but then a series of scandals and the advent of “talkies” abruptly ended her reign as a pop culture princess.

In Bow’s horoscope both Saturn and the South Node of the Moon are hugging her Pisces Ascendant. Saturn on the Ascendant indicates ambition but also difficult a beginning in life. Few had such a difficult beginnings a Clara Bow. She was born in one the worst slums of Brooklyn. Her father was an abusive alcoholic and her mother was periodically insane. Her earliest years were lived in dire poverty and constant rejection. (Click here to see Clara Bow's horoscope.)


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