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Neptune, Doanld Trump and John Brown’s BodyJohn Brown Image

Neptune is the planet of false assumptions, the kind of false assumptions that either leave you looking like a fool or standing in the middle of disaster zone. During the past few years the horoscope of the United States has been getting a good dousing of Neptune. First we had transiting Neptune making an opposition to Neptune in the country’s natal chart. (This applied to any horoscope for the United States done for July 4, 1776 or thereabouts.) And now we have Neptune moving across theI.C of the Sibly horoscope for the U.S. (Click here to see that chart.)

The opposition of Neptune to its natal place brought us the “post-truth” era, the era in which experts (a.k.a. elites) in every field were denigrated and the only measure of truth that mattered was how well it matched your opinions. This led us to the to the January 6th insurrection and the belief still held by many in the Republican Party that, despite multiple recounts, legal opinions and testimony to the contrary, the 2020 election was stolen.

Neptune eventually moved beyond that transit and, for a while, it looked like we might get back to a semblance of normality. Democrats and Republicans were arguing about the deficit and foreign policy and accusing each other of various crimes, just like in the old days. But then Neptune moved a few degrees to conjunct the Sibly I.C.

Looking Ahead to Election Day 2024 (Part Three)

In previous articles we looked at the transits for Election Day 2024 and how those transits impact the horoscope on President Joe Biden. (Click on Part One or Part Two to see those articles.) Now we’re going to consider the transit of his most likely opponent (as it seems at this time) on that day, Donald Trump. (Click on Donald Trump to see a double chart with his in the center and the chart for Nov. 5 on the outside.)

In the horoscope of Joe Biden the dominant aspect for Election Day 2024, transiting Mars opposed to transiting Pluto, was an important factor. In the horoscope of Donald Trump it is not much of a factor (though the planets are near the Twelfth, Sixth House cusps in several house systems). In other ways, however, the situation in Trump’s chart is similar to Biden’s. Like Biden he too will be dealing with an important Uranus transit on Election Day. Uranus will be moving retrograde within two degrees of Trump’s Midheaven. The planet will also be square his natal Mars.

As I said in the previous article, judging a Uranus transit can be tricky. In Trump’s case a lot will depend on what happens with his various legal entanglements. It seems likely that these issues will dominate the months prior to the election. At other times, with other candidates, being the subject of several criminal indictments would be political death, but that’s not been the case with Trump. When you add mischievous Uranus to this mix, anything can happen.

Looking Ahead to Election Day 2024 (Part Two)donkeyelephant

There was a time when no one knew who was running for the presidency of the United States until the summer before the election, when the party conventions were held. Even then, the campaigns were relatively moderate affairs with some candidates, like William McKinley in 1896, running “front porch” campaigns in which they rarely traveled or made personal appearances.

That is no longer the case, of course, and the campaign for the 2024 election is already well underway. The two frontrunners, Joe Biden for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans both have well-establish leads in the current polling but a lot of things can happen in a year and a half. The political winds are likely to shift is ways that are not yet foreseen.

Of course, the astrological winds will also be shifting. For example, both Biden and Trump will be going through important Uranus transits during the summer before the election. Uranus transits disrupt the status quo, sometimes in a bad way, sometimes in a good way. Guessing which way the transit will go requires a detailed study of other astrological factors and the circumstances at hand. I’ll save that for later articles.


Looking Ahead to Election Day 2024 (Part One)

Astrologers can be a gloomy a lot. Gather a bunch of them around a mundane chart (a horoscope for a future event) and you’re almost always going to hear more negative predictions than positive. Those predictions can range from “You better watch out.” to “Run for the hills!” but the general message is that there are more “bad” aspects than “good” ones and even the “good” ones can’t be always trusted.

I was thinking of this when I decided to take a peak at the chart for the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 5, 2024. This election is already shaping up to be a wild affair, with one of the major contenders facing several criminal indictments and the other’s son under investigation by a federal prosecutor. So it’s not surprising that when I looked at the chart my eyes immediately landed on something ominous. (Clickhere here to see that horoscope.) That ominous aspect is the opposition of Mars (at 0 degrees of Leo) to Pluto (at 29 degrees of Capricorn).