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Following the Moon: Oct. 28, 2023GGAMoon

In the New Moon chart for Oct 14 (click here to see the article and the chart) the Sun and Moon were in the Ninth House which indicated that all the action would be taking place in the courts. Of course, thanks to former President Donald Trump and his vast array of criminal and civil litigations, that’s not a difficult order to fill. Still, the Ninth House came through with flying colors during this lunation period with several dramatic developments involving more than one of these cases.

I also said that the square between Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in the First House of that chart would keep our attention on the Israeli/Hamas conflict, though I feared that it might also describe an extraordinary outbreak in violence in this country. That happened in Lewiston, Maine on Wednesday night. Instead of the usual amateurs, this mass shooting was carried out by a firearms expert with a military background. The body count (18 and counting) is a sad reflection of his expertise.

Mars also plays a big role in the Full Moon chart for Oct. 28, (click on Full Moon to see the chart) though here it is placed in the Eighth House where it is conjunct Mercury and opposed to Jupiter. These connections are far less belligerent than what we saw in the Oct. 14 chart. Still, they do seem to promise more dramatic developments involving court cases. (Jupiter is the natural ruler of the Ninth.)

Putin Image Red
Pushing Putin’s Mars Buttons

When Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine in 2022, his secondary progressed Mars was almost exactly conjunct his natal North Node of the Moon. (Click here to see the chart.) The Nodes have always been associated with karma and destiny and it is thought that Putin sees it as his destiny to extend the borders of Russia until they match the vastness of the old Soviet Union. This is why he defied all logic and launched his invasion.

Of course, so far that invasion has failed to meet Putin’s expectations. Instead of entering Kiev in triumph, Russian troops are stuck in a bloody stalemate in eastern Ukraine. The process of taking and holding this ground has resulted in a huge number of Russian casualties. But Putin seems undeterred by this cost. At present the Russian have launched another offensive at a Ukrainian strong point and it is reported that the Russian losses are staggering.

Along with this secondary progressed Mars aspect, Putin is dealing with an important transit to his natal Mars, a square by transiting Neptune. This transit was just outside the one degree range when the Wagner group rebelled in June, 2023. However, that dispute was settled. (It was settled for good in August when the leader of that military force was killed in a mysterious plane crash. The Neptune to Mars square in Putin’s chart was within a degree at that time.)

Following the Moon: Oct. 14, 2023GGAMoon

Since we had the Sun and Moon in angular houses in the Full Moon chart for Sept. 29 (click here to see the article and the chart) I had expected that the events of this past lunation period would be in some way decisive. For that reason, I was surprised when the threat of a government shutdown was put on a 45 day hold. But then that ploy resulted in the very decisive ouster of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House and the lunation chart was vindicated.

At the moment the news is dominated by the war between Israel and Hamas, but the political storm that the removal of McCarthy started is still rolling through Washington. Other issues, like the United Auto Workers strike, the resumption of the actors and writers strike and Donald Trump’s fraud trial, are also simmering behind the tragic events taking place in Israel and Gaza. The big question whether one of those issues will give us a decisive event during the next lunation period.

The New Moon chart for Oct.14, 2023 (which is also an eclipse chart) seems to say “no”. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) Here we have the Sun and Moon placed in the Ninth House. This is a cadent house, indicating that the events are likely to be inclusive or that the result of those events will have more to do with ideas and basic principles.


Following the Moon: Sept. 29, 2023

I had thought that Uranus on the Ascendant of the New Moon chart for Sept. 14 (click here to see the article and the chart) would bring us news regarding technology. Instead, except for the lawsuit filed by several famous authors against the creators of ChatGPT, it was issues regarding Pluto on the Midheaven of that chart that dominated.

Pluto on the Midheaven has to do with the exercise of power. We saw this in a couple of labor actions. First there was a strike by auto workers and then a tentative settlement in the actors and writers strike. However, when it comes to the use and abuse of power, you can’t beat Washington, D.C. There we had the indictment of Hunter Biden, the beginning of an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden and, most worrisome of all, the looming possibility of a government shutdown.

It's fair to say that the New Moon chart for Sept. 14 brought us a lot of drama, but none of it was conclusive. That’s where the Full Moon chart for Sept. 29 is different. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) In this chart we have the Sun and Moon in angular houses (the First and the Seventh) and that typically means that, for better of worse, matters will come to a conclusion.


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