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Following the Moon: Dec. 23, 2022

In the FTM article for the Full Moon on Dec. 7 (click here to see the article and the chart.) I said that we would find reasons to worry and cuss during this past lunation period. For many Americans that reason has been the weather, with severe weather events hitting and continuing to hit several parts of the country. If you were intent on traveling during this holiday season, then you had even more reason to cuss, since these events and other factors created chaos in airports and on highways.

I also said that there would be a dramatic event involving a person in a position of power. It turned to be a person who used to hold a position of power. The Jan. 6 committee’s announcement that it was referring criminal charges to the Dept. of Justice for Donald Trump wasn’t a surprise, but it was still a powerful blow and a good illustration of what can happen when the Moon is conjunct Mars in the Tenth House.

The New Moon chart for Dec. 23 is one that changes significantly depending on which house system you use. The one I’m using for this chart places all the emphasis on the Second House. The Second House has to do with money and resources and, in a lunation chart, that usually signals economic concerns. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.)

Donald Trump Trading Cardstrumpimage

When you’re an astrologer there are moments when you have to drop everything and run to your computer to see what’s going on in a person’s horoscope. When I heard about Donald Trump releasing trading cards picturing himself is various heroic guises and charging people $99.00 each for them, that was one of those moments.

These trading cards aren’t even “cards.” Their NFT’s, computer generated images that you buy with bitcoin. First of all, Trump is saying that these cards are a “limited edition.” How can that term apply that is something digital? Push a button and you have ten thousand more. Secondly, is the typical Trump supporter heavily into NFTs and digital currency? I may be making an egregious generalization here, but the Trumpers that I know are not.

But enough about the cards. What about the horoscope. I knew that transiting Neptune was currently making a square to Trump’s natal Sun. This is why he has suffered so many reversals in the courts recently. What made today special, however, was the passage of the transiting Sun in Sagittarius opposite his natal Sun and square transiting Neptune. (Click here to see Donald Trump’s chart with the transits.) What we saw today was a transit of longer duration (Neptune square the Sun) being triggered into extraordinary activity by a quicker transit (Sun oppose natal Sun). This gives you an extra dose fo Sun inspired ego and Neptunian craziness.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Has a Mars Moment

We’ve all had our Mars moments. Those are the moments when you feel impelled to lash out in a violent or extreme way even as your rational mind is shouting, “You’re going to regret that!” They generally happen when transiting Mars is making a significant aspect to something in your natal chart. So, you say things you shouldn’t, or you break things that you’ll later have to fix or, if you’re Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green,  you advocate a violent takeover of the government of the United States.

I’m, of course, referring to remarks the Congresswoman Greene made at a meeting of the Young Republicans a couple of days ago. At that time transiting Mars was square her natal Jupiter, the planet of bounty, expansion and foot-in-mouth disease. Jupiter always say “yes,” even to the most bizarre notions, and saying yes to Mars can often put you in the middle of a Mars moment.

It doesn’t help that Mars is emphasized in Greene’s natal chart. (Click on Marjorie Taylor Greene to see a horoscope done for noon on her date of birth.) It is poorly placed by sign in Cancer but square to both Venus and Uranus. Without a time of birth it is hard to know what role this T-square plays in Greene’s chart, but it does reveal a passionate nature and a less than stable emotional life.

Following the Moon: Dec. 7, 2022GGAMoon

The day I put up my “Following the Moon” article for Nov. 23, in which I had expressed concern about more violence, we had another mass shooting in Chesapeake, Virginia. There have been several others since, all across the United States, though most of them didn’t make the main news sites. They were edged out by the heartwarming stories of holiday cheer and compassion that are so popular this time of years. This was also something I talked about in the article. (Click here to see the article and the chart for Nov. 23).

Other than that, the news during this lunation period has centered on expectations. What was the Supreme Court going to do with the latest challenge to gay marriage? What were Republicans going to do when they took control of the House of Representative? How far would the U.S. team go in the World Cup? This is fairly typical of a lunation chart in which the Sun and Moon are in cadent houses. The really important stuff is happening behind the scenes. That’s not going to be a problem with the Full Moon chart for Dec. 7, however. The Sun and Moon are in angular house and this typically describes events that are dramatic and in our faces. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.)