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The President’s People: Sean SpicerSpicerImage

I thought it might be interesting to look at the horoscopes of some of the people who hold significant positions in the new Trump administration. I’m starting with the man charged with presenting the President’s message to the world, Sean Spicer, Trump’s Director of Communication.

Of course, we don’t have a time of birth for Spicer, so I’ve had to resort to a chart done for noon on his birthday. (Click on Sean Spicer to see that chart.) This is problematic because Spicer was born on a day when the Sun changed signs. If he was born before noon he is a Sun sign Virgo. If he was born very much after noon he is a Sun sign Libra.

But all is not lost. Regardless of what time Spicer was born his Sun is conjunct Pluto. Also, no matter what time he was born his Moon will be in Scorpio. Since Pluto rules Scorpio this tells us that, no matter what, there is going to be a strong Scorpio emphasis in the horoscope.

This is interesting to me because Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, also had Scorpio strongly represented in his horoscope. (Click on Joseph Goebbels to see that chart.) Of course, Goebbels is famous for the way in which he spread Hitler’s message of hate. Spicer, on the other hand, is constantly having his veracity questioned by pesky reporters who seem addicted to looking up the facts.

Scorpio and Pluto are both associated with transformation, and transformation is not a pain-free process. No matter how necessary a transformation might be in our lives, few of us look forward to the experiences, and fewer still go through a transformative event without (at least figuratively) shedding some skin. Therefore a degree of ruthlessness is required to get people to accept transformation. You have to be willing to break the rules.

This would seem to be Spicer’s motivation. He sees Trump as an agent of transformation and he wants to do whatever it takes to speed that process. Unfortunately for him, since he does not have the Sun in Scorpio (as did Goebbels) it is difficult for him to totally get behind that idea. He never seems quite sure of himself when he repeats Trump’s erroneous claims, and the key to being a good liar is being absolutely sure that your lies will be believed.

My guess is that Spicer is a Libra by Sun sign. Libra’s idealism, it’s insistence on making everything nice, and balanced and true, conflicts sharply with Scorpio’s anything-goes philosophy. As a Libra, Spicer would want to make everyone happy, and the members of the press that he has to face every day are anything but happy with him. So, if he is a Libra, Spicer is a very uncomfortable Libra, and he will probably remain so for some time.


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