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A Mistrial for Bill Cosby

Last Saturday the judge in the criminal case against Bill Cosby found that the jury was hopeless deadlocked after 50 some hours of deliberation and declared a mistrial. This decision didn’t vindicate Cosby, but it put the onus on the prosecution to decide whether or not to retry the case. At this moment it appears that prosecutors are determined to do so.

The allegations of rape and sexual assault against Cosby have been going on for a while. I first wrote about it 2014. In that article I discussed the passage of transiting Pluto across Cosby’s Midheaven that was ongoing at that time. I also pointed out that the origins of the case against him came out of a trial that occurred in 2004 when Saturn was crossing his I.C. (Click on Pluto Pounds Bill Cosby to see the 2014 article.)

At the time I wrote that article I saw that Pluto was actually moving away from Cosby’s Midheaven. From this I concluded that the pressure on him would be lessening, at least for a while. I predicted that the case against Cosby would probably not be settled until 2018, when Saturn squared its natal place. At the time that seemed very far away. Now, with a new trial looming, it seems just about right.

At the time the mistrial was declared, Pluto was opposed to Cosby’s natal Sun, but it was moving retrograde (backwards relative to the Earth) and away from that aspect. Meanwhile, Jupiter had moved in to a lucky trine aspect with Cosby’s Uranus. Uranus-Jupiter connections often result in unexpected (and perhaps undeserved) good fortune. For Cosby that good fortune was a mistrial. (Click here to see a double chart with Cosby’s in the middle and the transit for the mistrial on the outside.)

What’s coming up for Cosby is not so lucky. Not only is he facing the Saturn cycle square I mentioned earlier, but around the same time that that aspect occurs (Feb. 2018) Pluto will have changed course and moved back into an opposition with his Sun. What this combination indicates is an accounting. So even if prosecutors in the case don’t retry him, or even if he is tried again with the same results, Saturn and Pluto will have their due.

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