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The Contenders: Jay InsleeInsleeJayImage

This is the series that just never seems to quit. While everyone is speculating about the possibility of people like Mike Bloomberg and Beto O’Rourke announcing their candidacy for the 2020 Democratic nomination, today we had a person step forward whose name I’ve never heard mentioned: Washington governor, Jay Inslee.

Inslee actually has a good deal of experience. He’s served a couple of terms in the House and has been governor of Washington since 2012. He gained a modicum national attention in 2017 when his state sued President Trump over his Muslim ban. The law suit stymied Trump’s efforts for a while until the ban was finally approved by the Supreme Court.

We don’t have a time of birth for Inslee, but a chart done for noon on his date of birth (click on Jay Inslee to see the chart) shows that he is an Aquarius by Sun sign with several planets (and possibly the Moon) in Pisces. Aquarians are typically “big idea” people but they often come across as cold and overly intellectual. Inslee’s stellum in Pisces gives him the ability to connect with all sorts of people on an emotional level.

In keeping with his “big idea” Sun in Aquarius, Inslee is focusing his campaign on climate change and global warming. Given that we currently have a President who sees every snow storm as evidence that global warming is a Chinese hoax, this kind of long-term thinking is refreshing. However, how it will fare in a general election remains to be seen.

Inslee’s Sun is opposed to Pluto. This is the sort of “toughness” aspect we have seen in many of our contenders. Inslee’s had been in politics for a while. (Like Joe Biden, he’s part of the Neptune in Libra, Pluto in Leo generation that made up the first wave of Baby Boomers.) He’s a candidate who won’t wilt under criticism and he will not be discouraged by a few setbacks.

Inslee picked a good day to announce his candidacy. On Mar. 1 the Sun was conjunct his natal Venus. His Mercury is also being squared by transiting Uranus. Basically, he picked a day when he looks good (Venus) and his intellect (Mercury) was at its sharpest. These aspects should get him some favorable attention, while his alignment with the climate change issue should give his campaign a running start.

Unfortunately for Inslee, from what I can see in this partial horoscope, that running start is probably only going to carry him through the end of this month. I don’t see any major transits impacting his chart for the next twenty month or so. Of course, sometimes major transits can represent problems, (as we have seen with some of the other contenders) so maybe this is a good thing. Also, as I said, we’re working with a partial horoscope. Without a time of birth there is much we cannot see.

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