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Amy Coney BarrettBarrettAmyImage

President Trump’s choice to fill Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s seat on the Supreme Court has been looming on the horizon for a while. Now it has become a reality. In terms of her philosophy, Amy Coney Barrett comes out of the same mold as Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. She believes that the constitution should read as it was written, which seems to be a laudable goal until you think about the differences between America of today and America in the 18th Century.

Barrett’s legal philosophy will be debated in the Senate. Here, we are concerned with her horoscope. That presents us with an immediate problem. We don’t have a time of birth for Judge Barrett. (Click on Amy Coney Barrett to see a chart done for noon on her date of birth.) Still, there are a few interesting things to point out.

First of all, Barrett is an Aquarian by Sun sign with the Moon in Cancer. This is the same Sun-Moon combination as Brett Kavanaugh.  In my book, “Father Sun, Mother Moon” I say of this combination of Sun and Moon signs: “You are one of the most conservative Sun sign Aquarians.” It also creates a tug-of-war between the rationality of Aquarius and the emotionalism of Cancer.

In Kavanaugh’s case, we saw this contrast play out in his confirmation hearing, which went from an intellectual discussion of legal opinions to a storm of soggy emotions. However, where Kavanaugh has Mercury square Jupiter and Neptune, aspects that turn up the volume on feelings, Barrett has Mercury in Capricorn, square Mars and trine Saturn. She should be better able to keep her Cancer emotionalism under wraps.

Without a time of birth, the placement of the Moon can only be known within a 12 degree range. In Barrett’s chart that makes a big difference. A late night birth would put her Moon in a difficult T-square with Mercury and Mars. An early morning birth, on the other hand, presents us with a much “easier” horoscope. At this point, I don’t enough about Barrett to even take a guess on which is more likely.

One thing that is a constant with Aquarius people is that they tend to put ideas before perceived reality. Sometimes this can be a good thing, allowing Aquarians to hold on to their ideals regardless of adversity or contrary opinions. Sometimes it can not be so good, causing them to stubbornly hold on to doctrines that are outmoded or counter-productive. It is the latter tendency that has many people alarmed at Barrett’s nomination.

Right now, Saturn is close to a conjunction to Barrett’ natal Mercury. Since Saturn is moving slowly, this aspect will continue through the next several weeks. Her ideas will be judged by Democrats in the Senate. With Mars square Barrett’s Mercury, I expect the confirmation hearing to get testy, but I don’t think this aspect will be enough to prevent her confirmation.

What’s even more interesting is what transiting Uranus is doing. It is moving retrograde toward a square to Barrett’s natal Sun. This aspect doesn’t become exact until after the election, in late November and December. This indicates that Barrett and her Aquarian nature are going to be getting a lot of attention during this period.