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Following the Moon: Nov. 15, 2020GGAMoon

I feel pretty good about the way the Full Moon chart for Oct. 31 described the election. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) Uranus played it’s part by giving us the highest voter turnout in a century. This planet of surprises also shocked Democrats by reversing some of their gains in the House and depriving them (so far) of a majority in the Senate. However, in the end, Venus (which was on the Midheaven of this chart) won out and the voice of the people was heard.

I was glad to see that the violence that was indicated by Mars squaring Jupiter did not erupt at the polls. Instead, the warrior planet was represented by our ongoing war with COVID-19, a war that that is creating an ever increasing number of casualties. The square of Mercury to Saturn, which lasted all the following week, perfectly described a week of high anxiety for people on both sides of the electoral divide.

The New Moon chart for Nov. 15 is a somewhat different animal. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) It is a chart of equivocations and contrast.  We have the Sun and Moon sextile the three planets in Capricorn (Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn) and Venus square those planets. This is a classic combination of “good” and “bad” aspects. Some of us are going to get what we want and others are going to be profoundly disappointed.

The Sun and Moon in this chart are conjunct the I.C. which gives the chart more significance. Whatever happens during this lunation period, for better or worse, will be important. The fact that the Sun and Moon are on the cusp of the Fourth House tells us that this importance will relate the home and to the basic structures of our life.

Good news about a vaccine for COVID-19 is already coming out (further evidence of Venus on the Midheaven of the Full Moon chart.) This will continue, as will the inevitability of Biden’s election. Hopefully, we will also see a leveling off of the spike in infections and maybe folks will act more responsibly during the Thanksgiving holiday and limit their interpersonal contacts.

The square by Venus to the Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto describes a more stressful situation and, since Venus rules the Tenth House of leadership in this chart, that stress will be focused on the White House. In earlier article (click on “What Will Donnie Do” to see it) I proposed that President Trump was not likely to concede until very late in November or early December. This New Moon chart seem to concur.

The wildcard in this chart is Uranus, which is opposed to Mercury which is the ruler of the Ascendant. The fact that Uranus in in the Ninth House indicates that its disruptive influence will be felt in the courts. We’re still waiting for a Supreme Court ruling on the latest challenge to Obamacare. Also, though legal challenges to the election results have so far been rejected, that might change. This fact is that there are several Uranian bombs floating around our legal system. During the next two weeks, one of them is likely to explode.

There is another way of looking at Uranus in the Ninth House. I find it unlikely, but it deserves mention. With Uranus in the Ninth, the disruption could involve our relationship with a foreign country. This could take many forms, including an escalation in our trade war with China or a terrorist attack in the Mideast. Mars in this chart is not aspected but it is still strong in Aries and placed in the Eighth House which is associated with revenge and guilt. Given the messiness of this transition of administrations, a foreign enemy might see this as a opportune time to strike.