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The Fate of Derek Chauvin

Last week I wrote an article on the trial of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd. In that article I mistakenly did his chart of 1975 rather than his actual birth year of 1976. (Thanks to those readers who pointed out my mistake.) Now it’s time to correct that error and look at Chauvin’s real (partial) horoscope. (Click on Derek Chauvin to see the chart.)

In the previous article I focused on the relationships between Mars and Pluto. In this chart Mars and Pluto form a wide square, but the more significant aspect is the square by Mars to Chauvin’s Sun in Pisces. This aspect does not provide for the kind of lust for power that we sometimes see with Mars aspecting Pluto but it does describe a level of aggression that is not typical for a Pisces Sun Sign.

For a police officer, aspects involving Mars can be helpful. It is a line of work in which a degree of aggression is necessary. The question is how well this fits with a Pisces Sun sign, which is typically ruled by emotion. Aggression and excess emotion can be a dangerous combination. The fact that Chauvin’s Mars is in Cancer (another emotional Water sign) and he has the Moon placed in emotional Scorpio (though we don’t know the exact degree) adds to this imbalance.

Where things get really interesting, though, is when we compare this chart with a chart done for the day when George Floyd was killed. (Click here to see a double chart with Chauvin’s in the middle and a chart for May 25, 2020 on the outside.) The North Node of the Moon in that chart is exactly (within two minutes) conjunct Chauvin’s natal Mars. In article I wrote last year (click here to see that article) I noted that the North Node of the Moon was conjunct George Floyd’s South Node on that day.

Aspects involving the Nodes of the Moon function on a very different level of time and space than other transiting aspects. Here we are talking about issues like fate and karma. Many times these aspects occur in a person’s chart without fanfare. The changes and challenges they represent are personal. On the other hand, there are occasions when they manifest in very dramatic ways. On May 25, 2020 the whole world got to see the tragic intersection of the fates of Derek Chauvin and George Floyd.

And it doesn’t end there. On the day he killed George Floyd (whoops, allegedly) transiting Uranus at 8Tau14 was opposite Chauvin’s natal Uranus at 6Sco32. Both of these placements of Uranus were square the Nodes of the Moon in the Sibley horoscope of the United States at 7Leo36. It wasn’t just the karma of Derek Chauvin and George Floyd that was in play on that day. So was the karma of the United States of America.

This brings us to the Derek Chauvin’s trial. Right now the transiting Nodes of the Moon are conjunct Neptune in his natal chart. Since we don’t have a complete chart, it’s difficult to know exactly what this means. However, though the fact that transiting Pluto is opposed to Chauvin’s natal Saturn right now is a clear indication of stiff and just punishment, with Neptune involved we shouldn't count on a clear and decisive action.

Meanwhile, the transiting Nodes of the Moon are also moving closer to the Ascendant/Descendant angle of the Sibly U.S. horoscope. This tells us that whatever verdict is returned in Chauvin’s trial, the aftermath is likely to have important implications with regard to the karmic burden of this country.