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Following the Moon: Oct. 25, 2022

In my analysis of the Full Moon chart of Oct. 9 I had predicted that something significant would come out of the last hearing held by the committee investigating the Jan. 6 riots. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) That turned out to be their decision to issue a subpoena for Donald Trump. I also predicted that the actions of the committee would create less excitement than might be expected. It is generally believed that Trump will use legal maneuvers to delay the process until there is a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

I had worried that the square between Mars and Neptune in that chart might lead to a nuclear standoff with Russia. That didn’t happen but we did get an uptick in gun violence, with a new school shooting happening today. There have been many other shooting but the one's that standout are the one in which five people were killed in North Carolina and four people were killed in Virginia. The fact that (at least according to the last reports) the motives for these crimes are still a mystery is strongly indicative of the craziness one expect from Mars square Neptune.

 Overall, though, the Full Moon chart for Oct. 9 was relatively “friendly” and free of drama. At first glance, the New Moon chart (and partial eclipse) chart for Oct. 25 also seems to have a friendly glow. However, a closer look reveals some very worrisome issues. (Click on New Moon to see the horoscope.)

Let’s start with the good news. We have the Sun and Moon in a tight conjunction with Venus (which is the ruler of the chart) in the First House close to the Ascendant. It’s hard to imagine a configuration more conducive to feeling good. As divided as this country is right now, this arrangement seems to predict that we’ll all find a reason to get together and be friends. It will no doubt be a temporary arrangement but we can enjoy it while it lasts.

In the" not necessarily bad or good" category, we have Mercury in Libra conjunct the Ascendant. This indicates that there’s going to be a startling outpouring of information during the lunation period. Mercury is involved in several aspects, which seems to describe information from several different, and possibly conflicting, sources. It is also likely that this information will pull us in different directions.

Then we get into the really troublesome stuff. We can start with Mars, which is once again square Neptune. We might expect more “crazy” mass shootings but this time the results could be much worse. Mars in high in the sky in this chart, giving it a somewhat louder voice. Also,  along with its square to Neptune, Mars is square Jupiter and quincunx Pluto. These aspects could take the violence up several notches.

There’s also the fact that Mars is placed in the Ninth House is this chart. The Ninth relates strongly to politics and with the Midterm elections coming up this could be a signal disruptions in the election process. Given the fervor that exists on both sides, those disruptions could become violent.

Finally, we have Pluto on the IC. When Mars was on the IC last month we got Hurricane Ian. Some disastrous weather event is possible with this placement but, given the quincunx between Pluto and Mars in the Ninth, I’m thinks that this aspect has more to do with our political well-being. Transiting Pluto is currently closing in on its final conjunction with Pluto in the horoscope of the United States. The influence of this conjunction has been with us for a couple of years now and it has already created havoc for our democracy. We have to expect that trend to continue.

So, there you have it, good news and bad news, and probably heaping helpings of both. It’s going to be a bumpy ride up to elections day which, by the way, will occur on the day of the next Full Moon and eclipse. Be warned. Compared to the chart for that day, this lunation period should be a cake walk.