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Following the Moon: May 5, 2023

I had hoped that the New Moon for April 20 (click here to see the chart and the article) might give us some relief from the epidemic of gun violence but that proved to be a false hope. However, there was a subtle change in the nature of that violence. Along with the typical crazed gunman shooting up a doctor's office we got people being shot by their neighbors or by homeowners fearful that the delivery guy or the teenager knocking on the wrong door was an imminent threat. This pervasive anger and paranoia resonates with Pluto, which was strongly place in that April 20th chart.

Pluto was placed in the Second House in that chart, bringing together the themes of power and the economy. Republicans in the House of Representatives presented their plan to deal with the debt limit crisis. The plan was an obvious power play that going to fuel a lot of debate. Looking beyond Pluto in that New Moon chart, I thought that the configuration of Uranus and Mercury indicated a technological breakthrough of some sort. That was not the case (as far as I know) but the discovery of (relatively) recent water flow on Mars sort of fits into that “science fiction” theme.

Pluto may have been the dominant factor in the Apr. 20 New Moon chart, but in the Full Moon chart for May 5th, it’s Uranus that’s the “big dog.” It is conjunct the Sun, opposite the Moon, sextile Mars and, more important, near the Midheaven of that chart. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) This means that we can expect a Uranian quality to whatever happens during the next two weeks, which doesn’t necessarily bode well but it certainly will keep things interesting.

Predicting the influence of Uranus on mundane events is something that a sane astrologer avoids. Chaos, surprise and unpredictability are baked into the symbolism of this planet it alternates between the roles of benefic and malefic with disturbing ease. However, there are a few issues hanging in the balance right now that are ripe for a Uranian shakeup.

One is the debt limit controversy. We could see some surprising maneuver that solves this issue without the huge battle between Congress and the President that everyone is expecting. Or, since the Sun is placed in the Ninth House of the judiciary, we could see a surprising development in the mess surrounding Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his overly generous friends. A shocking turn in one of the several count cases facing Donald Trump could also be the result, or something substanial emerging from the investigations of Joe Biden's finances and the business dealings son.

Venus in this chart is square Neptune and sextile Jupiter. Since Venus is sometimes thought to  represent money and Neptune is in the Eighth House (which rules “other people’s money) could indicate a starling fluctuation in the economy. A sharp rise in inflation could cause the Fed to raise interest rates again or we could see more bank failures.

Of course, another thing we associate with Neptune, particularly when it’s matched up with Venus and Jupiter, is glamor. Actions taken by glamorous celebrities could dominate the news or we could all just bury ourselves in our phones for the duration of this lunation. However, as diverting as all that might be, it’s what’s happening in the real world that requires our attention and, with Uranus dominating this lunation chart, that’s going to wilder than any internet meme.