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Saturn Calls on Ron DeSantis

The tough immigration bill that Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, signed a couple of days ago has drawn a lot of attention. It includes provisions designed to prevent illegal immigrants from getting employment, holding driver's licenses and seeking medical care. The signing of the bill was timed to rebut new federal immigration guidelines and embarrass the Biden administration. However, whether DeSantis knew or not, it was also timed to coincide with an important Saturn Cycle transit in DeSantis’ horoscope.

Saturn is currently just a few minutes of the arc away from opposing natal Saturn in DeSantis’ chart. (Click Ron DeSantis to see a horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.) It's no secret that DeSantis is planning to run for the Republican nomination in 2024 and the signing of the new immigration bill looked more like a campaign event than official State business. Though DeSantis has yet to announce his candidacy, this Saturn transit tells us that the signing of this bill was the actual kick-off for his campaign.

Saturn transits to it natal place occur around every seven years. They often mark changes in your physical circumstances, particularly your career. These transits typically bring us challenges and a lot depends on how you handle those challenges. Saturn cycle aspects tend to reward hard work, solid planning and integrity. Lapses in any of these areas, on the other hand, are apt to be exposed during these transits and we suffer the consequences.

Since we don’t have a time of birth for Ron DeSantis it’s hard to judge how strong Saturn is in his horoscope. However, his past behavior does indicate that DeSantis is particularly responsive to the influence of this planet. His political strategy has thus far been flawless. DeSantis has managed to place himself both as staunchly conservative Republican and as an attractive alternative to Donald Trump.

This new immigration bill seems to follow this pattern. However, there are concerns that the strict regulations prohibiting employers from hiring illegals will negatively impact businesses in the state, particularly in construction and agriculture. The bill also includes a crackdown on undocumented drivers holding driver’s licenses from other states. Some people feel that is will interfer with the trucking industry.

Saturn is not through with Ron DeSantis. It will pass over his natal Saturn again in July 2023 and once more in late January, just before the first Republican primary. By the July the economic fallout from Florida's new immigration policy could begin to show. If that brings bad news it could trip up DeSantis in the early primaries. On the other hand, the strong anti-immigration stance of this bill could be just the ticket that gives DeSantis the nomination. In either case, we will see Saturn’s verdict on DeSantis’ grand plan.