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Following the Moon: May 19, 2022GGAMoon

We saw the disruptive influence of Uranus in the Full Moon chart for May 5 (click here to see the article and the chart) very early in this lunation cycle with the verdict coming down against former president Donald Trump in Jean Carroll law suit. Then, later in the lunation period, we had Congressman George Santos being indicted. I had expected surprising developments involving people in power (Uranus conjunct the MC) and these two incidents certainly fit that bill.

However, there were several other issues that I thought might be blown open by Uranus, such as the allegation against the Biden family and Justice Thomas, Donald Trump’s other court cases and the debt limit controversy, that are continuing to simmer. What those issues may be waiting for is coming up with the New Moon Chart for May 19, which is a chart loaded with ominous potential. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.)

What makes this chart so ominous is the opposition between Mars and Pluto. Anytime you get the two rulers of Scorpio (traditional and modern) together in a hard aspect you have to expect a display of power. This display may involve violence, or it may not. Under the influence of Pluto the aggressiveness of Mars becomes subtle, devious and (even scarier) patient. Pluto-Mars isn’t looking for a quick victory. Pluto-Mars seeks domination. In this chart,

Pluto and Mars form a T-square with Jupiter, which expands that hunger for power.Jupiter also is conjunct the North Node of the Moon. This takes this T-square to another level, one involving issues like fate and karma. None of this bodes well for the United States during the next two weeks. In particular, it seems to preclude the possibility of compromise on either side of the debt limit negotiations.

Since Jupiter is in the Ninth House of this New Moon chart, the power play represented by the Pluto-Mars opposition could involve the courts. For example, the ban on abortion inducing medications currently being appealed by the Dept. of Justice might be upheld, or there could be movement in the allegations of financial impropriety against Justice Clarence Thomas. Aside from these issues, this T-square describes a general hardening of the political and philosophical differences that divide this country.

However, even though this New Moon chart is dominated by this ominous T-square, it is not without hopeful indictors. The Sun and Moon are strongly placed in the Tenth House and make positive aspects to both Pluto and Mars. This indicates that, whatever happens during the next two weeks, it will add to the prestige of the administration. These benefic aspect might even prove me wrong about the debt limit standoff. In a good mood, Pluto brings us perspective and Mars, action. Put these together and they could equal a wise decision.

Neptune is also well-placed in this horoscope. It is in its own sign, sextile the Pluto and the Sun and Moon and trine Mars. Neptune takes all of this positive energy into the Eighth House which is considered a financial sector. This could bring us hopeful news about the economy. Of course, with Neptune nothing is definitive and the hope it generates sometimes turns out to be false.

Overall, we should expect a lot of tension during this lunation period and displays of raw power. I’ve focused on issues currently in the news, but that tension could come from sources that are at present hiding in the background. This is one of those lunations in which it behooves us all to be alert and extra cautious.



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