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Following the Moon: June 3, 2023

The New Moon chart for May 19 gave us all the tension I had expected. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) Fortunately, the positive aspects to the Sun and Moon in that chart outperformed the very negative T-square (with Mars, Pluto and Jupiter) and we got a positive outcome. The disaster of a default on the national debt was averted.

Of course, the deal came at a cost. Both progressives and MAGA conservatives have major issues some of the things that are in the bill, and some things that are not. One collateral casualty was Biden’s plan to cancel student debt, which was voted down by the Senate. This is something I should have seen coming in the May 19 chart. Jupiter was anchoring the big T-square in the Ninth House which rules higher education.

If all goes as planned the debt ceiling bill will be signed by President Biden before the Full Moon comes along tomorrow night. However, that chart makes it pretty clear that, even with the debt limit bill signed, we are not yet out of the woods. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.)

This Full Moon starts off by presenting us with Pluto is on the Ascendant, always an ominous indicator. It is opposite Venus, which is close to the Descendant and square Jupiter. Meanwhile, Uranus is near the I.C. Anytime you have just one planet on one of the angles it gives the chart extra significance. Here we have three.

The opposition of Venus and Pluto, both of which are connected to money matters, indicates that this significance could involve the economy. When we look at the Second House in this chart, however, things don’t look so bad. Neptune is strongly placed there in it’s own sign of Pisces. Neptune also makes friendly aspects to both Pluto and Venus. This would seem to indicate that the news about the economy will be hopeful.

The problem with Neptune, however, is that things are never quite as they seem. There might be some pushback on that good news. Conflicting reports could create uncertainty and this could negatively impact the stock market or the banking industry.

The placement of Uranus on the I.C. is something of a wildcard. Uranus always manages find some way to surprise us. Placed on the I.C it indicates instability at home. Unexpected fallout from the debt ceiling agreement is another possibility. As provisions of the bill become widely known there are apt to be protests and complaints.

And then we have Venus, which I feel holds a key position in this chart. Venus is semi-sextile the Sun and sesquiquadrate the Moon in this chart. These are obscure aspects and I don’t generally give them much consideration but here they involve the Sun and Moon which are always paramount features in a lunation chart. This further stresses economic issues along with creating a general feeling of anger and displeasure.

This takes us back to the beginning and Pluto on the Ascendant. There seems to be growing trend of people reacting with disproportionate anger and violence to perceived threats or common disagreements. Pluto on the Ascendant square Jupiter will only increase this alarming tendency. Another mass shooting? These have become so common in this country that predicting one is sort of like predicting rain in Seattle. However, some extraordinarily violent act, perhaps involving domestic terrorism has to be considered a distinct possibility.