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Following the Moon: June 18, 2022

I had expected that the big news coming out of the June 3 Full Moon chart would be economic (click here to see the article and the chart) but instead we got another Trump indictment. Unlike the last Trump indictment, which dealt with billionaire business stuff that most Americans don’t understand, this one has to do with top secret documents ladened with military secrets. That’s the sort of thing we see in movies and the interest level has risen accordingly.

One reason I thought we would see an important shift in the economy was the placement of Neptune in the Second House in the June 3 chart. However, the economic news during the past two weeks has been basically positive. Neptune seems to have showed its nebulous influence in the Russian hack of various government and business computers that was reported a couple of days ago. Since Neptune was trine Venus in that Full Moon chart, the damage from this hack seems to have been contained, but it is still a worrisome indication of how predatory the online world can be.

Neptune plays a big role in the New Moon chart for June 18 as well. (Click on New Moon to see the horoscope.) It is placed in the First House of that chart and is square the Sun and Moon. In addition, Pisces is on the Ascendant of the chart, making Neptune its ruler. Neptune obscures the facts and clothes the truth in fantasy. Neptune can be beautiful, inspirational and spiritually uplifting, but you can’t always trust what it tells you.

That, of course, makes my job more difficult. Neptune can describe a wide range of scenarios, none of which are exactly what they seem. We have to expect that the next two weeks will be filled with confusion, contradiction and deception. It will be a prime time for conspiracy theories and inexplicable occurrences.

Saturn is also in Pisces and it is just a few degrees away from the Ascendant of this New Moon chart. Saturn and Neptune in the same sign is the ultimate odd couple. In Pisces, Neptune should have the advantage. However, its placement on the angle gives Saturn a bit of a edge in this chart. It is square Mercury which is strongly placed in Gemini. In the midst of all the misinformation and misunderstandings of Neptune, this aspect indicates that there is going to be a thread of honest truth.

Finding this truth amid the fogginess of Neptune might not be as difficult as you might think. It will likely be the one fact that you least want to hear or believe. It will be the bad news you see somewhere below the headlines. Of course, looking for this thread of truth can easily take you back into the Neptunian dream world. Saturn typically states its case in clear and definite terms but, since it is placed in Pisces, we may have trouble holding on to that clarity.

The fact that Mars is square Uranus in this chart makes it likely that there will be some surprising, perhaps violent, developments that temporarily cut through Neptunian clouds, but I think that the overall trend for the next two weeks will be laziness. We have Jupiter, with rules the Midheaven in the chart, square Venus. This is an aspect for taking the easy way out and, combined with Neptune, it describes a period in which most people in the country would rather go chasing conspiracies and fantasies than looking for the facts. There’s nothing new about that, of course. In fact, it might be kind of fun.