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Following the Moon: July 3, 2023

I thought that the placement of Neptune in the First House of the New Moon chart for June 18 (Click here to see the article and the chart.) would bring us confusion. Instead, we got an oceanic tragedy. Given Neptune’s association with the sea, the symbolism fits but I doubt that anyone could have predicted the Titanic submersible disaster from that New Moon chart.

More in keeping with what we typically get with Neptune strongly placed in a lunation chart is the contradictory statements about the tax evasion case against Hunter Biden. It is the scandal that just won’t go away. Saturn was also well-represented in the June 18 chart and we got a Saturnian “No!” from the Supreme Court on several issues during this lunation period, including affirmative action and student loan forgiveness.

The New Moon chart for June 18 had the Sun and Moon in an angular house. That typically means that something important is going down. We saw that, particularly with the Supreme Court rulings. However, the Full Moon chart for July 3 has the Sun and Moon in cadent houses. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) This generally indicates a quieter period when the important stuff is happening below the radar or in places hidden from public view.

The fact that Mercury is conjunct the Sun (and opposed to the Moon) indicates that this hidden action might involve communication. We might see a movement growing in social media that will, in time, shake things up. There could also be a rumor that slowly works in way into the public consciousness. Of course, Mercury also rules commerce and what is hidden from us could be a business deal that later has important ramifications.

The most dynamic aspect in the chart is the square to Mars and Venus by Uranus. Since Uranus is in the Tenth House and Mars rules the Tenth, I see this as an indication that the Hunter Biden case will continue to burn hot. This could be bad news for President Biden but I don’t think anything definitive will happen during this two week period.

One reason I say that is because we have Jupiter also in the Tenth House, sextile the Sun and trine the Moon and we have Saturn in the Eighth sextile Jupiter and making similar aspects to the Sun and Moon. This indicates that figures of authority will benefit during this lunation, particularly in matters related to finance. Positive news about the economy could help the President survive the hostility of Congress.

Two things worry me about this lunation chart. The first is the fact that Mars forms a nearly exact sesquiquadrate to the Moon and a semi-square to the Sun. These are minor aspects but they can carry a big punch, particularly when they take us by surprise. Given that Mars is also square Uranus, that sort of surprise is not unlikely. It is possible that the quiet of this lunation period will be interrupted by a single event that is both sudden and dramatic. That event will likely involve a figure of authority.

The other thing that bothers me about this chart is the placement of Pluto near the Descendant. Pluto represents power and displays of power often lead to violence. This could tie in with the aspects to the Sun and Moon by Mars mentioned in the previous paragraph. If it does, then this lunation period will not be nearly as quiet and uneventful as I originally expected.