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GGAMoonFollowing the Moon: July 17, 2023

In my comments on the Full Moon chart for July 3 (click here to see the article and the chart) I noted that the placement of Pluto on the Descendant, along with the aspects to Mars, indicated violence. Of course, predicting violence in America is always a safe bet, but this past lunation period was particularly bloody, with 200 people dying of gunshots over the July 4th holiday weekend alone. This number was actually lower than last year, but we’ve added to it since with random shootings in New York, Georgia and other places around the country.

The other “big” news was the discovery of a half gram or so of cocaine in a common area of the White House. The fact that the secret service was unable to determine where it came from has angered certain members of Congress, but given that the July 3 lunation chart had the Sun in the Twelfth House of hidden things, is that really such a surprise?

The New Moon chart for July 17 has the Sun and Moon once again in cadent houses. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) However, this time it’s the Ninth House which is typically associated with things like higher education and philosophy. It is also associated with the courts and, these days, the courts seems to be where all the action is.

 We might see Republicans in Congress trying to get more milage out of their whistleblower against Hunter Biden or maybe Donald Trump will be hit with another indictment. Since the Sun and Moon are opposite Pluto, whatever happens is likely to be bad news for someone. Pluto represents restriction and it typically comes out on the side of those who have the power. The fact that Pluto is also exactly square the Nodes of the Moon makes issues involving the use and abuse of power even more likely.

Since the Sun and Moon are also trine Neptune in the Fifth House of entertainment, there could be some sort of court action involving the writers and actors strike. Neptune is  quincunx Venus which is in the Tenth so it’s also possible that there will be a back channel deal struck that would bring an end to the strike.

Mercury in this chart is conjunct the Midheaven and it forms a close square to Jupiter. Mercury is all about communication, so news about some major social media platform could grab the headlines. However, Mercury also has to do with commerce and Jupiter in this chart rules the Second House of finance. We could see a surge in the economy but, since it’s a Jupiter square that we’re talking about, what might seem like a positive development in the short term could have negative ramifications later.

I’m hoping that the fact that Mars is opposite Saturn in this chart will put a damper on the surge of gun violence that we’ve seen recently. Unfortunately, it could also mean that the violence will be less random and more controlled and directed. With Mars in the Tenth House of this chart, the direction in which this violence will be aimed is likely going to be at people and institutions that represent leadership and authority.

Still, the fact that the Sun and Moon are in cadent house argues against any thing of great significance happening during the next two weeks. That doesn’t mean that the lunation period will be uneventful. It just means that what happens will not represent a large scale change in the status quo.