Following the Moon: Nov. 27, 2023

I have to admit that I was surprised at how relatively quiet this last lunation period was. (Click here see the article and the chart.) It appears that the trine by Neptune to the Sun, Moon and Mars in that chart turned out to be the mitigating factor that I had hoped (but didn’t really expect) it would be. It diverted our attention to the holidays and to events in foreign lands.

The biggest surprise for me was the last minute passage of a continuing resolution to keep the government from shutting down. As I had predicted, the bill had plenty of opposition, but Speaker Johnson was able to get enough support from Democrats to pass it. This infuriated conservatives in the House. Apparently, the hardcore MAGA people in the Freedom Caucus had expected more from the new Speaker of the House. Someone should have told them that you have to set aside your expectations when you put a Sun sign Aquarian in charge.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the Full Moon chart for Nov. 27 is, generally speaking, a repeat of the Nov. 13 New Moon chart. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) Again we have the Sun conjunct conjunct Mars in the Second House with Mars now opposed to the Moon. The big difference is that, in this chart, all three are square Saturn, forming powerful T-square. Perhaps even more alarming, there is no mitigating trine in this configuration.

Another difference between the New Moon chart and this chart is the fact that in the New Moon chart the Sun, Moon and Mars were in Scorpio. Here the Sun and Mars are in Sagittarius with the Moon in Gemini. One might think that Mars would be stronger and more dangerous in Scorpio, the sign it rules in traditional astrology, but the violence of Mars in Scorpio is controlled and directed. In Sagittarius those violent inclinations are displayed in ways that is more haphazard and volatile.

Whenever the Second and Eighth Houses are emphasized in a lunation chart it raises concerns about the economy. However, with this chart my attention goes to the focal point of the T-square, which is Saturn in the Fourth House. The Fourth House represents the homeland. The situation in Israel and Gaza and sparked increased concerns about a terrorist attack. This chart seems to corroborate those concerns. Another possibility is a major weather event that reminds us the continuing threat of climate change.

There are two other aspects that require our attention. One is the nearly exact square between Mercury and Neptune. Mercury sits in the Second House and this aspect to Neptune indicates that it might be rumors and irrational suspicions about the status of the U.S. economy, rather than the facts, that matter more during this lunation period. Deception and fuzzy thinking could be factors in other areas as well. With this aspect every piece of information should be considered in the context of its source.

The second aspect is the quincunx between Venus and Uranus. The quincunx is considered an configuration of secondary importance but I think this one could be significant. With Venus in the Twelfth House and Uranus in the Seventh, it seems to describe a betrayal, a friend or ally who lets us down. Taken in combination with the Mercury to Neptune square, it could also be read as a trusted source that, unintentionally or intentionally, provides us with information that is false or tainted.

I had grave apprehensions about the New Moon chart for Nov. 13. They turned out to be misplaced, and I’m glad for that. My feelings about this lunation chart are even more pessimistic. Hopefully, when I write about it again in two weeks, I will once again be able to say that my pessimism was unfounded, but I wouldn’t count on it.


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