Donald Trump in 2024 (Part One) TrumpMiddleImage

You don’t need a crystal ball or astrology to tell you that 2024 is going to be big year of Donald Trump. Not only is he running for president but he is also facing a host of legal entanglements. At present, the fraud trial against his company is due to finish up in January, In March he is scheduled to go on trial for his actions on Jan. 6, 2021 and in May the he will face charges over his mishandling of government documents. The trial date for election tampering case in Georgia has tentatively been set for Aug. Of course, Trump and his attorneys are currently doing all they can to delay these court actions, but it’s still going to be a busy year for the former president.

This formidable lineup of court battles is accompanied by a couple of important transits. Both these transits involve Uranus, which always presents a headache for astrologers. Uranus was named after the Greek sky god but I’ve always felt that how the planet works in astrology has more in common with the Norse god of mischief, Loki. Mischief, in this case, has to do with disrupting the status quo and creating chaos. That’s what makes predicting Uranus so difficult. It always finds a way to surprise us.

The first Uranus transit with which Trump will be dealing in 2024 is the conjunction of Uranus to his Midheaven. (Click on Donald Trump to see the chart.) The Midheaven or M.C. sits at the cusp of the Tenth House of career and reputation. For someone like Trump, who treasures success and praise, there could not a more important point in the horoscope. On top of that, Trump’s Sun and natal Uranus are placed in the Tenth. If there was any sector of the horoscope where Donald Trump would feel ownership, it would be the Tenth House

So is Uranus going to be on Trump’s side in 2024. Certainly that was the case back in 1980 when Uranus crossed Trump’s I.C. (directly opposite the M.C.). During that year Trump enjoyed his first major real estate triumph, the renovation of the Grand Hyatt New York hotel. During the 1970s the tourist industry in New York City was in a steady decline, so the project came with some risks, but when the city’s economy rebounded in the 1980s, it was declared a great success and Donald Trump got his first taste of fame.

Of course, assuming that a Uranus transit will repeat itself is like assuming that lightning is going to strike the same place twice. While Uranus at the lowest point in the chart allowed Donald Trump to start his climb upward, Uranus at the highest point could just as easily knock him off the peak. That’s just the nature of this transit.

Allowing a one degree orb, the red zone for the conjunction of transiting Uranus to the Trump’s Midheaven covers a period from around May 26, 2024 to June 22 and the again from Nov. 15 (just after the election) to Jan. 23, 2025 (a few days after inauguration day). However, if you expand that orb to two degrees, which is not unreasonable for such an important transit, it goes from May 1 to the end of the year (excluding part or Aug. and all of Sept.) and then the first four months of 2025. In that span of time Uranus could give Donald Trump and the American people a whole lot of surprises.

My opinion is that the Uranian surprises will not come out of any court cases that he is facing in 2024. Here Trump is in his element. He will maneuver, delay and appeal until they become a non-factor in the election. Then, if he wins, he will be able to make it all go away by declaring presidential immunity or even by pardoning himself. The real surprises are going to come out of those places where no one is currently looking. They will not come out of Trump being Trump, but out of him venturing into unknown territory and taking a risk, much as he did in 1980. The risk he takes in 2024 might pay off big time. It might also be a step too far. That’s where we have to wait for Uranus to surprise us.


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