Following the Moon: June 21, 2024GGAMoon

I predicted that the New Moon chart for June 6, in which Saturn was a major player, was going the result in harsh judgments. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) One person who suffered that judgment was Hunter Biden, who was found guilty of lying on his application for a gun license. We also had two judgments hand down by the Supreme Court. As predicted, both were based on a restrictive, Saturnian reading of the law. The Court stuck to an “originalist” reading of the Second Amendment in their ruling on guns and cited a legal technicality in their ruling on abortion pills.

I was also concerned by the square between Mars and Pluto in that New Moon chart. I felt that this could indicate an outbreak of violence. We got some of that this past weekend with three mass shooting in three different states. Perhaps the saddest of these was in Michigan, where a 42 year-old man, who was living with his sick mother in a house full of guns, opened fire on families and children enjoying themselves at a splash park.

The chart for the Full Moon on June 21 (click on Full Moon to see the chart) is a very different animal from the previous lunation. Instead of having Saturn in a dominant position, in this chart we have Neptune square both the Sun and the Moon. We tend to associate Neptune with confusion, illusion and deception, particularly self-deception. Since we are in the midst of a political campaign, we should expect that the typical spray of allegations, exaggerations and misinformation to become even more extreme and unbelievable.

Another thing that is associated with Neptune is a loosening of moral boundaries. Where Saturn sees a clear demarcation between right and wrong, with Neptune nothing is clear and it’s easy for right to seem wrong and wrong to seem right. We could see the emergence of a new scandal during this lunation period. It could involve one of the presidential candidates, but I think it is more likely to come from some other arena.

The good news about this chart is that the Sun and Moon are in Cadent Houses (the Twelfth and the Sixth). This typically indicates that what happens during this lunation period will not represent a final settlement or have lasting impact. However, since Mercury in on the angle in this chart and in a close sextile to Mars, this is still likely to be a very noisy two weeks. Whether this noise comes from politics or somewhere else, it make for an interesting lunation, even if nothing substantial results.

The aspect in this Full Moon chart that gives me pause is the quincunx between Pluto and the Sun in the Sixth House of health. (Pluto is also semi-sextile the Moon in the Twelfth.). These are not thought of as first tier aspects but they are close and connections to Pluto are never to be taken lightly.

Pluto represents all those forces over which we have no control, like the weather or sickness. Much of the country is already in the grips of a heat wave and there could be health concerns arising from that. Also, COVID is still around and now we have “bird flu” threatening our food supply. Worries about these health matters could make this noisy lunation even more shrill and disturbing.


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