The Biden Trump Debate

Predicting who will come out on top in the presidential debate set for June 27 really comes down to guessing whose performance will be least bad. Neither candidate is known for his sparking wit. Biden has always been prone to rambling remarks and embarrassing gaffs, while Trump’s verbal sallies tend to sound like a those of a twelve year-old defending himself on the schoolyard.

On top of that, both candidates are coming off major defeat in the courts. Biden’s son was convicted of lying on his application for a gun license while Trump was recently convicted on 34 counts of business fraud. And, of course, there’s the age factor. Biden is 81 and Trump is not far behind him at 78. During the past few months both have been caught making “old people” mistakes like forgetting dates and mixing up names.

Unfortunately for both men, the astrology of debate night also seems to come down to who has the least worst situation. Both are currently dealing with long and traditionally difficult transits. Uranus has just passed its conjunction with Donald Trump’s Midheaven and it is now moving into a square with his natal Mars. (Click on Donald Trump to see the chart.) Biden also has multiple transits, with Pluto square his natal Moon, Uranus closing in on an opposition to both his natal Sun and natal Venus and Saturn hovering near his IC. (Click on Joe Biden to see the chart.)


It is the Saturn aspect that I find most interesting. It is now very close but it will not become exact, at least not this year. Saturn turns retrograde a couple of days after the debate and it will begin backing away from it conjunction to Biden’s IC. Still, I think that this transit is crucial. Saturn’s conjunctions with the angle typically coincide with turning points. One way or another, this debate will be a decisive moment in Biden’s bid for a second term.

I’m not sure if the Uranus transit to Biden’s chart will be a factor during the debate. The planet will have just moved within a two degree orb on June 27. The Pluto square, on the other hand, has been in play since the beginning of the year and, since Biden’s Moon is the Fifth House of children, I think it has a lot to do with the legal troubles of his son. The political fallout of these troubles remains to be seen, but they will no doubt weigh on the President’s mind during the debate.

The best news for Trump is that on June 27 transiting Uranus will be in a “sweet spot” between 25Tau19 and 25Tau46 where it is more than a degree for either the conjunction to his Midheaven and the square to his Mars. This could indicate that Trump’s performance during the debate will not be touched by Uranus. Of course, it could also indicate that his performance will show the influence of both transits. If that is the case, this could be a very interesting debate, because Uranus doesn’t follow a script and history shows that Donald Trump off-script is rarely less than outrageous.

So what do all of these transits tell us? They seem to say that performing above expectations in this debate is more important for Biden than it is for Trump. They also indicate that Trump is more likely to go off script and say things he shouldn’t say, while Biden may be distracted by the situation with his son. That’s the astrology of the thing. Let’s see how it plays out on June 27.


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