Following the Moon: July 5, 2024GGAMoon

Neptune, which was a dominant factor in the Full Chart for June 21, (click here to see the article and the chart) hit us much harder than I expected during the last lunation. First we had Biden’s poor performance in the debate and the sense of doom that spread among Democrats. Then came the Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity and predictions by some legal scholars that it could give a future president dictatorial powers.

The result has been the startling awareness that the country could very soon elect a convicted felon to an office in which he would have (at least according to some theories) no legal restraints. Some view this possibility with great hope and joy, while others are numb with fear. What everyone needs to remember, however, is that this was a Neptunian lunation. The hopes and fears that come to us under Neptune’s influence never turn out to be exactly as they seem. They are expanded by our emotions and fed by delusions already imbedded in our psyche.

Fortunately, the message of the New Moon chart for July 5 seems to be “chill.” (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) The only “hard” aspect in the chart is a relatively wide opposition between Mercury and Pluto. This certainly can be read as an aspect for worry, but it is worry about things we cannot change. The problem solving talents of Mercury are shut down and the best we can do is spin out abstractions about what might happen.

The only close aspect, aside from the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, is a sextile between Mars and Saturn. This configuration places the decisive and sometimes violent action of Mars under the restraint of Saturn. It describes a time for a quiet deliberation and a sober consideration of the facts. If you’re looking for drama and radical change, this is not the time. Even Uranus, the other planet linked to sudden and unexpected changes is under the influence of benign Venus.

All this is echoed by the fact that the Sun, Moon and Venus in this chart are trine Saturn. The aspect the Sun and Moon are wide but it is still the closest planetary aspect the two lights make. Again, Saturn is the planet of practicality, realism and restraint. It’s positive connection to the Sun and Moon seems to signal that these qualities will predominate during this lunation period. I think that we can all agree that that would be a welcome change.

The Sun and Moon are placed in the Seventh House. In a mundane chart like this one the Seventh typically symbolizes our relationship with other countries. The positive aspect between the Saturn and the Sun and Moon would seem to represent good news on that front. Considering the mess in Gaza and the war in Ukraine, such good new would certainly be a relief.

Finally, we have to consider the fact that Nodes of the Moon in this chart are conjunct the MC/IC axis. I’m always wary of bringing the Nodes into a discussion about a mundane charge because I feel that what the Lunar Nodes signify goes beyond the “mundane” and into the mysterious realm of karma and fate. And yet, there is no denying that the Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity from criminal prosecution appears to be a “fateful” decision. What this New Moon chart is saying, however, is that worrying about that fate at this time is not productive.


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