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Every sign of the Zodiac has the capacity to tell lies. They may do it for different reasons and in different ways, but they all do it. This is part eleven of a twelve part series in which we will see how any Sun sign could become the “biggest liar in the Zodiac.”

The Aquarius Liar

It is impossible for an Aquarian to actually tell a lie. Their principles are too firm and their ideals too high for such tawdry tricks. The reasons that cause most people to lie, such as material gain or personal aggrandizement, simply don’t appeal to the Aquarius person. They are interested in higher things. Aquarians were put on earth not to deceive humanity, but to serve humanity.


And there’s the problem. Humanity is often just a little dense. We non-Aquarians are frequently slow to see the grand and universal truths that Aquarians feel duty bond to present to us. Therefore, it is occasionally necessary to bend smaller, mundane truths just a bit so in order to get the point across. Aquarius folks don’t worry about getting caught in these little lies because they serve a higher purpose.

Unfortunately, sometimes the facts are so out of sync with Aquarius’ lofty principles that it’s necessary to make larger adjustments to the truth. Again, the Aquarian person is not likely to see these adjustments as lies. As far as they are concerned, if a statement supports the higher truth in which they so fervently believe, then that statement has to be regarded as true, no matter how patently false it might appear to the rest of us.

dick cheney
Some might see statements made by former Vice President Dick Cheney (born Jan. 30, 1941) during the Iraq War as an example of this kind of Aquarian thinking. Cheney continued to predict that American forces in Iraq would find “weapons of mass destruction” months after everyone else had given up the search. The existence of such weapons in Iraq was too necessary to the Vice President’s agenda to be false.

Another example is the conservative radio and (formerly) television personality, Glen Beck . For many years Beck (born Feb. 10, 1964) has made a living spouting half-truths and outright lies in order to promote his glenn becktheory of a liberal conspiracy against God and America. In order to make his point, Beck often weaves a web of “facts” so intricate that he has to chart in on a chalkboard.

This is the real problem with the Aquarian liar. Though their lies can be destructive, particularly when they are told from positions of great authority, generally speaking what makes the Aquarian liar unpopular is the fact that their untruths are so darned tedious. Lies told to support a higher purpose typically have very little entertainment value and, for those of us who are not inclined to believe, listening to them can be quite a chore.


 So what sign would you call "the biggest liar in the zodiac"? Would it be Aquarius? Go to comments an let us know.

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