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The Eyes of Tammy Faye

This is the title of the bio-flick just release about Tammy Faye Bakker. It stars Jessica Chastain as Tammy and Andrew Garfield as her slippery husband, Jim. The film portrays the rags-to-riches ascent of this couple to mega-stardom on Christian television and their sudden decline. That decline ended with Jim being hauled off to jail and Tammy, though never charged with a crime, living under a cloud of shame.

 People who didn’t live through the 1980s might wonder why anyone would be interested in fallen televangelist and his wife but, in many ways, Jim and Tammy were the ultimate representatives of the tawdry materialism of that decade. Jim preached the gospel of wealth, telling his audiences that God wanted them to be rich and, in order to set the proper example, he and Tammy surrounded themselves with ostentatious opulence.

I haven’t seen the movie, but I am familiar with the horoscope of Tammy Faye Bakker. (Click on Tammy Faye to see the chart.) Back when the drama was playing out I looked at it several times wondering how this woman, who seemed so free of bad intentions, could let herself be led by such a dishonest and immoral man. Of course, the answer to that question starts with the placement of her Sun in Pisces.

Following the Moon: Sept. 20, 2021GGAMoon

I got a couple of things right in my analysis to the New Moon chart for Sept. 6. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I predicted that the pandemic would remain the dominant feature on the news and that there would be continued dissatisfaction with the Biden administration. Over the past two weeks hospitals across the country have struggled to keep up with rising tide of COVID patients and Biden has faced setbacks on several fronts, including a nasty snub by the French.

What I got wrong was my hope that the trine by Uranus to the Sun and Moon would provide us with some good news regarding our handling of the pandemic. Instead we got an uptick of people and institutions fighting over facemask requirements and continued obstinance from the anti-vax crowd. Right now the only way out of this pandemic seems to be through a long and well-populated graveyard.

The 9/11 Horoscope911 Image

The attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon that took place 20 years ago, on Sept. 11, 2001, took Americans by surprise. With the Cold War ended, the idea of an attack by a foreign enemy seemed farfetched to most of us. In retrospect, of course, it probably shouldn’t have. The pot of Islamic fundamentalism had been on the boil since the 1980s and the United States was always the most likely target when it finally overflowed.

This event also took a lot of astrologers by surprise. Again, in retrospect, it probably shouldn’t have. Looking back at a horoscope done for the time that the first plane hit the World Trade Center, the indicators of trouble are quite evident. (Click on 9/11 to see the horoscope.)

Rally Redux

On Sept. 18 supporters of former president Donald Trump are staging a rally in Washington D.C. We all remember what happened at the last such rally back on January 6, but the goal of this rally is to change that perception and paint the riot that occurred after the previous rally as peaceful protest and the participants as political prisoners.

It would seem that the organizers of the Sept. 18 rally must have hired an astrologer, because they couldn’t have picked a better day for their purposes. Mercury will be trine Neptune on the 18th, creating a benign atmosphere for spreading falsehoods, and Mars will be opposed to Uranus, an aspect that gives crazies everywhere permission to carry out their personal rebellions against the “system.”

The chart for Sept.18 gets even more interesting when we compare it the Sibly chart for the US. (Click on Sibly/Rally to see a double chart with the Sibly horoscope in the inner circle and a chart for noon on Sept. 18 on the outside.) What immediately stands out in this double chart is the fact that the Sun on Sept. 18 will be square the Moon in the Sibly chart. This gives us a strong hint that the events of next Saturday will have relevance to the nation.

California’s Recall Election

They do things differently in California. The rest of the country has known that for decades. But their handling of elections might be their most questionable eccentricity. In most states, if you elect a governor who turns out not to be up to the job (in your opinion) you have to wait until their term is up to get rid of that person. In California there’s no time like the present.

On Sept. 14 Californians will vote on whether or not to recall the governor, Gavin Newsom, that seven million of them elected three years ago. As you might guess, the last three years have been no picnic for Newsom, with the pandemic, wildfires and a homelessness crisis among other problems. The result is that there are a lot of unhappy Californians, many of whom have decided that Newsom has to go.

Right now polls seem to favor Newsom keeping his job, but his lead is small and, as we all know, polls can be tricky. I thought that it might be time to see what Newsom’s horoscope has to say about the matter. (Click on Gavin Newsom to see the chart.)