If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Basically Cool Lover

There is an intellectual quality about your sexuality and a tendency to examine both your own erotic urges and the sexual behavior of others with a keen but detached interest that often makes you appear less than fully involved in your love-making. However, your objectivity in no way diminishes your susceptibility to physical desire. If anything it makes you more open, inventive and unconventional in your pursuit of earthy delights. Of all the Mars in Virgo Lovers, you are the most independent and the most uninhibited.

This free-and-easy, anything-goes approach to sex may also makes it appear as though you are uninterested in commitment, but this is not true. Actually, what you want more than anything in your sex life is a sense of permanence and finality. You are looking for an ideal, a quintessential love that will satisfy both your intellectual curiosity and your physical needs. Your uninhibited, experimental approach to sex is not just about having fun. It’s about finding a relationship solid enough to make you want to stay.



Our celebrity examples of The Basically Cool Lover begin with Yoko Ono (born Feb. 18, 1933 adb.) Ono gained a degree of recognition on her own as a conceptual artist but she is best known for her controversial and unconventional union with John Lennon. Even though Ono has often been vilified because of her influence over her talented husband, no one can deny the fact that she became the focal point of his life and served as a muse to his genius.·

Another example, actor Ted Danson (born Dec. 29, 1947 adb) was not so “cool” when he appeared in blackface at a benefit for his girlfriend, Whoopi Goldberg. The couple split soon afterwards. Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka (born March 1, 1886 wik) found an original way of expressing his anger at being put aside by the famous beauty and collector of notable lovers, Alma Mahler. He had an anatomically correct doll made in her image and introduced it to his friends as his new “girlfriend.”

Other examples of this type are French novelist Gustave Flaubert (born Dec. 12, 1821 adb,) who, in Madame Bovary, created the literary world’s most famous adulteress. Both the character and the author were appropriately punished for their crimes. The fictional Madame Bovary committed suicide while Flaubert was hauled into a real life court and charged with obscenity. Other cool examples include hobo singer Tom Waits (born Dec. 7, 1949 adb) and actress Sissy Spacek (born Dec. 25, 1949 adb.)

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