If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Cancer

you are . . .

The Basically Bewitching Lover

You are one Mars in Virgo Lover who needs more from sex than just a physical release. You also need to feel that you are emotionally connected to your Beloved. You are extremely sensitive Lover who needs to be cherished, protected and treated with affection. You look to you Beloved for emotional security and commitment and you are easily hurt. All this sensitivity does nothing to curtail your earthy sensuality, however, though it does add substance and, in some cases, a passionate volatility to your sexual nature.

This combination of down-to-earth sex and emotional vulnerability makes you a very attractive Lover. People respond to your emotional needs at a subconscious level and they line up to take care of you. The problem is that this sweet affection often runs in only one direction. You like having people care for you but you are slow and sometimes down right stingy about returning the favor. There is a selfish quality about your sexual nature, a coldness that comes to the fore whenever you are asked to be the protector, the care-giver or the committed Lover. When you learn to enjoy giving love as much as you enjoy getting it, you will reach your full potential as a Lover.



There are some very sexy people among our examples of The Basically Bewitching Lover. First we have the Italian born painter Amedeo Modigliani (July 12, 1884 adb.) Modigliani gave us some of the most sensuous representations of the nude female figure in the entire history of art. He was a handsome, troubled and deeply sensual man and women found him irresistible. Unfortunately, he was also an alcoholic who was gentle and seductive when sober but cruel and abusive when he was drunk. Much of this abuse was directed at the beautiful women who slept with him. The last of these was a teenager named Jeanne Hebuterne. When Modigliani died of tuberculosis, Hebuterne, who was pregnant with their child, jumped out of a window and killed herself.·

Other sexy examples of this type are Raquel Welch (born Sept. 5, 1940 adb) who became one of the top sex symbols of the 1960s but later complained that her sexy image severely limited her career, singer Stevie Nicks (born May 26, 1948 adb) of Fleetwood Mac, actress Brigitte Nielsen (born July 15, 1963 adb,) Jamaican-born singer Grace Jones (born May 19, 1948 wik,) actress Cameron Diaz (born Aug. 20, 1972 wik) and actor Ben Affleck (born Aug. 15, 1972 wik.)

Also in this group we have are writer Ernest Hemingway (born July 21, 1899 adb,) who seems to have shared Modigliani’s knack for making beautiful women fall in love with him and then treating them badly and Napoleon Bonaparte (born Aug. 15, 1769 adb.) Though passionately attached to his first wife, Pauline, (who had “the prettiest little backside imaginable,” according to him) he was more than willing to have their marriage annulled when she failed to produce the male heir he needed.

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