If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Basically Prudent Lover

You are the most realistic of this very practical group of Lovers. You see sex as a purely physical act and yet you are pragmatic enough to recognize that not everyone shares your no-nonsense approach. Your sex drive is very strong and you are a very sensual and, at times exhausting Lover, but you never let desire overwhelm your better judgment. No matter how much fun you are having, you always keep your wits about you.

Love can be problematic for you, not because you are incapable of such emotions but because your expressions of affection and devotions are so practical and realistic that they seem to reduce the magical state of being in love to the level of a mundane transaction. You show your love for a person by being useful to that person, and you expect your Beloved to do the same. For people who think love should come with hearts and flowers and effusions of emotions this “tit for tat” approach can seem dry and unromantic but these folks need to look at the effort you put into maintaining relationships. What you lack in romance you more than make up in work ethic.



Our examples of The Basically Prudent Lover include the screen legend Clark Gable (Feb. 1, 1901 adb.) Gable’s first wife was his acting teacher. After she helped him launch his career he moved on to a richer, more refined wife who helped him smooth some of the rough edges of his working class background. Once he was a famous Hollywood sex symbol his numerous infidelities ended this marriage and he took up with a tough-talking blond actress named Carole Lombard, also a Mars in Virgo Lover. Gable’s attachment to Lombard was genuine and when she died suddenly in a plane crash, he was devastated. He married again at the age of 48 but without much commitment. His fifth marriage produced a son, who was born a few months after Gable’s death at 59.

Other celebrity examples of this type are pop star Britney Spears (Dec. 2, 1981 wik,) who shocked many at the beginning of her career with sexually charged performances that some felt she was too young even to watch. Also in this group we have singer Bonnie Raitt (born Nov. 8, 1949 adb,) actors Jeff Bridges (born Dec. 4, 1949 adb) and Adam Brody (born Dec. 15, 1979 wik) and Monaco’s wayward royal, Princess Stephanie (born Feb. 1, 1965 adb.) One particularly interesting example of the non-judgmental practicality of this type is Adrienne Hirt (born Dec. 18, 1947 adb,) a therapist who helped people with sexual dysfunctions by acting as a sexual surrogate.

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