If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Taurus

you are . . .

The Basically Beautiful Lover

Yours is sexuality built for comfort. You are a slow, gentle and fulsome Lover with a sense of grace and a concern for aesthetics that might just pass for romanticism in some instances. No one should be fooled, however. You are a very earthy Lover and you put physical pleasure above all other concerns. Romance, and even good manners can quickly be jettisoned if they threaten your access to the good stuff.

There will be times when your down-to-earth approach to sex can get you into trouble. There are people who will not approve of your full-bodied sensuality or of the frank and unabashed way in which you often express it. Your first reaction to such disapproval is to ignore it but you are no rebel. In fact, you are a very conservative Lover and, when given the choice between having your fun and complying with the sexual mores of your time and culture you will try to comply. How hard you will try, of course, will depend on who’s watching.



Our examples of The Basically Beautiful Lover begin with two women who attempted to live full and very sexual lives in spite of tremendous pressure to do otherwise. The first is Princess Diana (born July 1, 1961 adb.) When her supposedly “fairy-tale” marriage to Prince Charles turned into a sham she responded first by having an extramarital affair. Then she did the unthinkable and divorced the heir to the British throne and went searching for love on her own terms.·

A similar example from an earlier time is Lady Jane Digby (born April 3, 1807 wik.) Jane Digby was a teenage beauty who was wed to the Earl of Ellenborough, one of the most powerful men in England. Treated as a trophy and ignored by her middle-aged husband, Jane began an affair with an Austrian prince. When the affair became public knowledge the Earl divorced Jane and she fled to the continent in disgrace. There she won the support of King Ludwig of Bavaria and married first a Bavarian baron and then a Greek count. When the count proved unfaithful, Digby took up with an Albanian brigand and moved to his mountain stronghold. When this relationship ended she went to Syria where she fell in love with a Bedouin sheik, twenty years her junior. She married him when she was 46 and they remained husband and wife until her death at age 74.

Other examples of this type include country singer Willie Nelson (April 30, 1933 adb) and actor Johnny Depp (born June 9, 1963 adb.) Depp was famous during his youth for his rebellious, hell-raising lifestyle but after he discovered the joys of family life with a French pop star, the versatile actor settled easily into relatively quiet domesticity.

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